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Bypassing Bypass Surgery

9 May 2014  |  jcheesman

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When Billy Given turned 50 years old, he realized that he still wasn’t the person he wanted to be. Find out how the transformation helped save his life.


When Billy Given turned 50 years old, he realized that he still wasn’t the person he wanted to be. Despite making significant changes to his life 10 years earlier, Billy was physically off-balance, and he worried about the direction his health was heading.

“It’s amazing how, even though I had changed so much in my life and come so far, my life was still very frustrating in general,” Billy said. “I finally noticed how much my weight affected all the areas of my life in a negative and frustrating way.”

At age 50, Billy was out of shape and worried about his health. He wanted a new start, which is where Transformation entered the scene. Billy saw a friend of his who looked fit and healthy, and his friend told him about Unicity.

“I have been thankful for the meeting every day since,” Billy said. “He introduced me to these unbelievable products and this health program.”

Billy lost 43 pounds in his 13-weeks on Transformation, and he gain back energy and confidence. His wife also did Transformation with him, and she embraced Unicity’s products and health program.

“My wife started the program with me, and we’ve become each other’s cheerleaders and supporters,” he said. “As with any lifestyle change, those you love the most are affected the most.”

Billy’s children and grandchildren have also began to implement Unicity’s products into their lives.

“We have totally changed our eating habits at home, and we have learned together about good nutrition and how to eat healthy,” Billy said.

After completing Transformation, Billy went to the doctor to examine chest pains he had been experiencing. His doctor discovered that Billy had two blocked arteries, one of which was 99 percent blocked. The doctor was surprised that Billy could use a stent instead of bypass surgery.

“After I got out of the hospital he told me that whatever I did to lose the weight and get into shape so fast very possibly could have saved my life,” Billy said. “I am so blessed to have found Unicity when I did because it literally saved my life.”

Billy believes that Unicity and its products can benefit anyone.

“We can all stand for a small or large lifestyle change, and Unicity offers that at whatever level we need,” he said. “I look forward to seeing my family grow and sharing many great experiences with them as we continue on our health journey.”

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