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New Habits, New Life

22 Nov 2013  |  Unicity

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At 49-years-old, Brian Judd admits he is a creature of habit. He has developed a taste for certain foods, both good and bad. He loves his hamburgers and he loves his soda. He has always been a skeptic, especially toward diets, regiments, or transformations. Sure, they might work in the short run, but Brian believed he would eventually gain the weight back, plus more. So how was this going to work? How would he convince himself to try yet another weight-loss method that he thought to be a gimmick? Brian’s wife, April Judd, decided they needed to start Unicity’s Transformation program. Brian remained skeptical but decided to humor her. To Brian’s surprise, the more he learned about Unicity and the 13-week Transformation, the more excitement he felt. “When I saw the list of foods that I could eat, I was in,” Brian said. The program is not about limiting your food intake, but rather shaping your diet in a healthier way. Brian found the program to be easy to follow. His online tracker put everything into perspective. He was able to see the affects that different foods had on his overall fat loss. He never felt starved and had very few cravings. “UNICITYMatcha was a great replacement for my Diet Coke need and kept my energy level up during the day,” Brian said. Like so many others, Brian’s favorite part about the program was the results. Week by week, Brian saw measurable improvement. His clothes were fitting differently and he was feeling amazing. Brian’s coach was an important part of his success. Having to be accountable to someone each week motivated him to keep to the program and work hard. “My coach, Sean, transformed my non-existent exercise routine to five days a week of effective walking, running, cardio, and resistance training,” Brian said. Through his dedication, Brian has met and surpassed all the goals he set at the beginning of his Transformation. He has lost a total of 40 pounds, almost five inches from his waist, and nine inches from his belly! Although Brian is a creature of habit, he has adapted new habits that will assure his continued success.

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