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11 Mar 2014  |  Unicity

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Transformation encouraged Chris to live a healthy lifestyle even after the program, rather than simply following the rules for 13-weeks. Read about the trials and triumphs he experienced along the way.


After spending eight months working in the oil sands in Northern Alberta, Chris Cunningham found himself in a rut: eating unhealthy foods and not in a regular exercise routine.

“At my job, my shift works me two weeks on, followed by seven days off,” Chris said. “After spending a fall and winter at work without any regard toward a diet or exercise program, I soon realized that I was in need of a change.”

Chris went online and ordered some Unicity products, and afterward he was contacted by a Unicity representative and given the option to participate in the Transformation program.

“It was then that I had to make a choice,” he said. “Change my diet and start to exercise on my own, or join the Transformation team and have a support group to guide me in the right direction.”

After thinking it over, Chris signed up for his own Transformation, and he discovered that it was more than he had anticipated.

“I soon realized that this was no ‘pay us and maybe you’ll reach your goal’ type program,” Chris said.

Transformation encouraged Chris to live a healthy lifestyle even after the program, rather than simply following the rules for 13-weeks.

“I saw that if I were to achieve my vision of a more trim body and healthy lifestyle, I would have to stay committed and focused not only during the challenge, but well into my golden years,” he said. “And I actually enjoyed the change!”

Chris’ coach helped teach him healthy patterns to adapt into his everyday life.

“Rita directed my habits toward clean and invigorating food and drink choices,” Chris said. “She also gave me fun and challenging workouts. I had some difficulties with her suggestions at first, but I chose to follow them anyway.”

Over time, Chris noticed the positive changes he wanted to see in his body, all from making small — yet powerful — decisions, such as cutting sugary drinks out of his diet.

“I found myself not even noticing that I had been making major changes in my lifestyle choices, and I had also lost nearly 30 pounds,” Chris said. “And as simple as it sounds, I had never been a water drinker. I always chose other liquids that were loaded with sugar to consume, but not anymore!”

Although he finished his official 13-weeks with his Transformation, Chris continues to utilize Unicity’s products.

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