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Encouraging Others Along the Way

9 Mar 2015  |  Unicity

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In the three years Colin Fox has worked as a Unicity Franchise Partner, he experienced positive results from Unicity’s products. But he wasn’t willing to make consistently healthy choices until he truly committed to follow the Transformation program.

“I initially became a believer in Unicity and its products when I lost 25 pounds with Unicity Balance,” Colin said. “But I was inconsistent with taking Balance, and gradually gained more weight until becoming the heaviest I have ever been in my 55 years of life.  My Unicity business suffered in sales because of my size and weight, even though I tried to hide it the best I could, I was only fooling myself.”

Colin decided to take both his health and business to the next level. He wanted to be an example to his team by living Unicity’s health principles.

“I was observing the success that was happening in St. George, Utah and all the success in the Unicity Transformation videos,” he said. “My health was not good. I had to catch my breath going upstairs to bed at night. My diet consisted of hamburgers, fries, pizza, and other fast foods. Salads were not a part of my diet. I always parked my car at the closest spot to the mall doors as I did not have the energy to walk the extra distance. I knew it was time to make a serious change in my life. If I was going to do the Transformation program, I had to be serious about it.”

When Colin signed up for Transformation, he did it at a Unicity meeting to show his downline how easy it was. He encouraged them to sign up for the program as well.

“At the Tuesday night rally at the Unicity Center, I called customer service at the end of our rally in front of everyone, signed up for the Transformation and encouraged others in the room to do the same,” Colin said. “We had a total of seven people sign up that night. The race was on! I told everyone that signed up that they were going to lose weight and that I was going to win by being in better shape.”

The key to Colin’s success with Transformation was his coach, who he went to for answers and advice.

“My coach Ryan guided me through the Transformation like a friend. He was there every step of the way,” Colin said. “We set goals together, and looked at options of how to get to the Thailand Global convention and rewards trip experience. I couldn’t have done this without him. With Ryan in my corner I wanted to stick with the program. It was a pleasure speaking to him to get my weekly motivation.”

While on Transformation, Colin grew to love nutritious foods and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Now he has the strength to turn down hamburgers and fries.

“Transformation helped me make better food choices for the rest of my life,” he said. “I enjoy eating salads with or without chicken. I read labels and follow the nutritional guide. I have more energy now. Eating right is a lifestyle; no more chocolate cravings, no more evening cupboard crawls, no more looking for snacks. I have not had a hamburger since August, nor do I have a desire for one. My life has changed.  I still have more weight to release, but I know deep down inside of me I am on the right track and will achieve my final goals.”

Colin is happy with his results, and he’s even more excited about how his experience can help others achieve their own prime health.

“Now I feel like I can encourage others along the way,” he said. “I can say, ‘I did it and so can you!’ You can’t sell a Mercedes if you have never driven one.  I believe my Unicity business will now explode because of my Transformation experience.”


*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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