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Disneyland Bound

10 Dec 2014  |  Unicity


Deann Carter couldn’t wait for her first trip to Disneyland as “Grandma.” She planned out everything in advance: food, hotel, nap time for the kids. But what Deann didn’t anticipate was her knees giving out on her three days into the trip.

“My knees hurt so much three days into Disneyland that I couldn’t even hobble after my grandkids and I needed a wheelchair,” Deann said. “I was devastated. I was only 51 and needed a wheelchair. Something had to change.”

For the next several months Deann just tried cutting chocolate out of her diet, but she needed something else to take her health to the next level, and Unicity’s Transformation was just what she was looking for.

“There were several reasons I was attracted to Unicity,” she said. “Having a coach was huge because I’d receive a lot of information and I’d be held accountable. My coach was so wonderful. She always responded to my emails and shared recipes.”

Initially, Deann was worried about the cost of Transformation, but she soon realized that she could afford the program because she did not have to pay for breakfast food or snacks.

“It was expensive for me, but I realized that I did not have to buy groceries for breakfast or snacks and I was saving a lot because I was no longer purchasing high quality chocolate!” Deann said. “Also, having invested a significant amount of money in the program, by golly, I was going to stick with it!”

Deann committed to following Transformation’s rules from the beginning. She wanted to see results from the program, and doing so would require discipline on her part.

“I think one of the most important things to do when starting this program is committing to being precise while following the program,” she said. “Keep every rule.”

During Transformation, Deann lost nearly 33 pounds, five inches off her hips, and five inches off her waist. She is going on hikes with her family and is feeling better than she has in years.

“I feel great. I am always so excited to go into my closet and put on clothes that always fit and look great,” she said. “My husband and I have begun hiking . What a joy it is to stand on a beautiful vista and to be able to breathe deeply and actually enjoy climbing the next hill.”

Deann continues to push herself with new hikes on her schedule, and another go at Disneyland is also on the docket. She said, “We are going to hike Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park next month, and I will be hiking the Subway next year and I tell people I’m training for it. But shush. Don’t tell. I’m actually training for Disneyland!”


*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.




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