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Bringing Running Back

17 Nov 2014  |  Unicity

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Heather Christensen was at a loss. She had always been fit and active, but over time her body just couldn’t function like it used to. After seeing numerous doctors and taking countless tests, Heather discovered that she had Epstein Barr Virus, and it hindered her from exercising and controlling her health. She felt like the perfect image she worked so hard to build came tumbling down.

“Because of the virus, it had been three years since I’d exercised hard,” Heather said. “I felt mentally unstable without having exercise as my release, but I didn’t feel like doing any physical activity with my illness. I knew I needed help, I just didn’t know where to turn.”

A former Transformation participant and Prime Challenge contest winner introduced Heather and her husband to the program. Although she was hopeful to get in shape again, Heather wondered if Transformation’s principles could help her, but she decided to give it a try and see what happened.

“I saw before and after photos of people who did Transformation, and I knew I wanted to get into my prime,” Heather said. “What I really wanted was to be a counselor, mentor, good friend, a mother and wife, and more than anything, I wanted to run again. I wanted to run fast and hard and feel strong because if I could do that, then I knew I could do the rest.”

Heather and her husband started Transformation together, and she was amazed with the results she began to feel early on. She felt like exercising again, and Heather even began running again.

“I felt my body responding to these products, like it was actually embracing them,” she said. “I was elated every single day, and I was flabbergasted that after only two or three weeks I could run about a nine minute mile, and the only reason I would lay down was from physical fatigue and not from body aches.”

As Heather progressed through Transformation, she realized that her perspective and relationship to food was changing. She no longer tried to eat as little as possible, in fact, she ate more than she used to. She said, “I used to think that the less you ate, the healthier you would be, but with Transformation I was eating more than I had ever eaten, and I was taking off inches!”

As Heather and her husband went through the 13 weeks of Transformation together, she felt like they were enjoying life more. The were more active together, and Heather felt like they were coming closer together as a couple.

“I began to feel like this Transformation was not only giving my husband and I our health back, but it had given us the joy in our marriage back as we were going through some pretty stressful changes in life.”

Heather is excited to continue with the new lifestyle she found through Unicity’s Transformation. She is determined to be her best, but she no longer worries about creating a perfect image of herself.

“My husband helped me realize that it’s not about being able to run the six-minute mile, because I know I’ll reach it soon,” she said. “Transformation is about leading a better lifestyle with these amazing products, getting rid of misconceptions about nutrition, enjoying the journey together, and making the quality of life better so you can progress further.”


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