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Bringing Back Her Confidence

15 Sep 2014  |  Unicity

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Heather Peterson and her husband Zach were excited when they discovered that she was pregnant, but their anticipation was cut short when Heather experienced a miscarriage 13-weeks into her pregnancy. She was devastated by their loss, and turned to food as an escape from the emotional pain she felt.

“My emotions were so overwhelming that the outlet I turned to was food,” she said. “I ate to feel satisfied, and I mostly ate to feel anything but the current way I was feeling. Food was my way of feeling comfort.”

But as Heather increased her food intake, she discovered that it wasn’t giving her the long-term happiness she wanted. Instead, she was disappointed with how she looked and felt because she knew she could do better.

“As I increased my food intake, it created a domino effect of negative consequences,” Heather said. “I felt ugly, not sexy, and my clothes were noticeably tight. My emotions were all over the place because I had an enormous lack of confidence. I knew that something had to be done.”

Heather and Zach wanted to do something to manage their weight and future. When they heard about Unicity’s Transformation program, they decided to sign up. They knew that Transformation would demand change of their lifestyle, but they were willing to commit themselves to the program’s guidelines.

Heather followed the Transformation lifestyle, even when it was difficult to say no to foods she loved. It was especially difficult to feel social during lunchtime at work, but Heather kept with her healthy meals and turned down pizza offers.

“I’m naturally most happy in social settings, but I found that social situations were a bit tricky,” Heather said. “At first I avoided my work lunch situations, but as my body and confidence changed, it became easier to choose my healthy food over pizza and join my co-workers. They gave me opportunities to share what I was doing with them, and they began to support and encourage me.”

Heather’s discipline kept her on track during Transformation, and she is grateful for the changes she has experienced because of it. Now she’s the kind of person who works out and eats healthy food. Heather brought back her confidence both by the way she looks and feels.

“Transformation has forever influenced my life personally and socially, and it has even strengthened my relationships,” she said. “At times when giving up seemed convenient, I remember that even though most people would give up, I am not ‘most people.’ I learned that hiding under all the food was a strong-willed woman who is driven and consistent. Pushing myself at the gym became satisfying, and eating nutritious foods become natural (which was a first). I have respect for myself and I gained my confidence back three-fold.”


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