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One of the Best Decisions He’s Ever Made

18 Aug 2014  |  jcheesman

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When Joe Scheper signed up for Transformation, his coach told him that he would be satisfied with his results, but Joe was hesitant to believe him. He went on a couple different diets the previous year, but Joe would hit a wall and then relapsed into old habits.

“My coach helped me understand the changes I could expect with Transformation, and he gave me the encouragement I needed to get started, and later, to keep going,” Joe said.

Several factors prompted Joe to start the Transformation program, one of those being he was having issues sleeping that he felt were connected to his weight. Joe quickly began to see results from the Transformation program. His goal to lose 50 pounds in 2014 became achievable, and he wasn’t the only one who noticed his health improvements.

“The group I cycle with soon began to notice and take interest in what I was doing,” Joe said. “By March 21, I had finally broken through the 200 pound barrier, and I was feeling more energized and alert. I upped my miles and speed on my bicycle rides with the goal of being able to ride with the ‘A’ Group. I also started walking on days that I didn’t ride, and I started some light weight training.”

With Transformation, Joe was able to reach his weight goal, and he even achieved it sooner than he anticipated. He created new expectations of what his body can and cannot do.

“I made my goal weight of 175 pounds on my wedding anniversary on May 13, which was far sooner than I ever expected,” Joe said. “I had reasonable monthly goals and my success was exceeding those, I was happy to have proved myself wrong!”

From his 13-weeks on Transformation, Joe discovered that both nutritious food and working out are key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He could not have accomplished his goals without both components.

“My weight loss was not entirely attributable to my diet,” Joe said. “My exercise program was also key. It takes both diet and exercise to be successful with this Transformation program.”

Not only did Joe lose nearly 50 pounds on Transformation, but he also feels better than he has for years. Now he is able to complete tasks he couldn’t before.

“I feel the best I have since my college days, which were about 40 years ago,” Joe said. “Now I look forward to a long and healthy retirement. This program has transformed me — it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”


*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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