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A Belt as a Reminder

28 Feb 2015  |  Unicity


Growing up, Kent Clayton ate healthy foods and participated in sports. But when he contracted rheumatic fever and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Kent had to slow down because he was more prone to fatigue and it took longer to recover from common illnesses.

Kent began to think about changing his lifestyle choices when he saw a good friend of his looking more trim than ever. His friend told Kent that Unicity’s Transformation program helped him make healthy changes in his life.

“I was skeptical to listen to what my friend said about the program, mostly because I thought I had a pretty good background and knowledge of health and fitness,” Kent said. “But I decided to enroll in Unicity’s Transformation program. I committed to doing the program and hoped that I could possibly lose enough weight to be below 200 pounds.”

Although Kent had frequented the gym for the past 10 years, he only saw minimal results. He did not know how to eat nutritious foods or how to do effective workouts. But as Kent progressed through Transformation, he was amazed by his own results.

“After two weeks in to the transformation I lost 18 pounds and I started wearing a belt,” he said. “Throughout the course of the 12 weeks I wore this belt and watched how I had to continue tightening my belt notches. I still wear it and have tightened it eight notches since the start.  I call it ‘my reminder belt.’”

The key to Kent’s success with Transformation came from applying the health principles his coach taught.

“I have been extremely impressed with the products and my coach Ryan Packer,” he said. “Unicity provides not only the product, but also the knowledge on how to exercise and also the nutritional knowledge.  This combination maximizes the best results.  I am convinced of that, because I am proof of that!”

Kent’s commitment and positive approach to Transformation helped him see incredible results. In 13 weeks he lost 50 pounds, nine inches off his waist, and 11 percent body fat.

*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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