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Making His 70’s look Good

1 Dec 2014  |  Unicity

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Kent Staheli grew up doing manual labor on a farm, and later went on to teach sports and fitness at a community college. He kept fit and maintained his health for many years. Kent especially enjoyed helping others create and achieve their own fitness goals.

“I taught at a community college for 40 years, teaching a variety of sports activities as well as coaching basketball, football, wrestling, and track,” he said. “I developed and managed a state-of-the-art fitness center at my college that was and still is highly successful. I took a lot of pride in this facility and loved helping students learn about fitness and health. It felt so good to see people progress with their fitness goals and see changes occur in their lives.”

But when Kent had a back injury and retired, his activity declined and he began to put on weight. During preparation for a routine shoulder surgery, doctors discovered blocks in Kent’s coronary arteries, and they put in stents. His weight gain, new stents, and poor family history of health were wake up calls to get back in shape.

“I wanted to be active again. I wanted to enjoy family activities with my kids and grandkids,” he said. “One time after a grandson’s football game, I ran across the street to my truck and I heard one of my grandsons shout to his brothers, ‘Look, Grandpa is running!’ I wanted to play with my family again. I wanted to get back to my prime!”

Kent joined Transformation after seeing his son Matt’s success. He was amazed with the results he saw from Unicity’s products.

“Unicity’s products helped me feel better, look better, lose excess body fat, increase muscle mass, and increase my level of confidence,” he said. “I could see the vision of my prime becoming a reality, and what a feeling that was!”

Kent is grateful for the activities he can do again because of Transformation, and especially because of his Transformation coach. He feels like he is defining his prime again—this time at nearly 75 years old.

“I am grateful to have had this opportunity to join Unicity’s Transformation program and to work with an amazing, knowledgeable, caring coach who provided such valuable motivation, knowledge, and encouragement during the 13-week period,” he said. “Regardless of my advanced degrees in physical education, I had complete confidence in my coach’s knowledge, and I gratefully accepted all he suggested.”


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