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Protecting Her Dream

18 Dec 2014  |  Unicity


Just one year ago, Kris O’Clair was convinced that she could not control her body’s weight. She had been on numerous diets, but nothing seemed to stick.

“I had spent a lifetime (age 16 to age 62), along with considerable time, energy, and money following a myriad of diet plans,” Kris said. “Two of the attempts resulted in short-term weight loss; however, none ever changed my mindset about what I had to do for myself.”

But while on Transformation, Kris came to understand how much she really does have control over. She began to see herself achieve greater health and fitness, and she worked to achieve her goals.

“My coach Ryan Packer supports and increases my knowledge about how much control I have over the choices I make,” she said. “My newest mantra from him is, ‘you have to protect your dream.’ I interpret that as a reason to ignore those who encourage me to stray from my daily plan with comments such as, “It’s your birthday, you deserve dessert.’ No. I deserve my best life in terms of health and fitness.”

Kris is grateful to use Unicity’s online Success Tracker to help her monitor how she is doing with her daily goals.

“Unicity’s online Success Tracker was instrumental in forming my daily habit of recording everything that I ate throughout the day,” she said. “I am using My Fitness Pal on my smartphone or laptop to continue the recording habit as well as projecting my food selections to confirm that I am within the total grams of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to inform me to make good choices about additional items.”

In completing the Transformation and participating in the continuation program, Kris feels like she has a stronger, more fulfilling vision of what her future holds.

“When I talked with my coach in August 2013, it was difficult for me to imagine a vision for the future as I honestly believed my productive life was over,” Kris said. “I am now proud to announce that I am the newest faculty member for the University of Northern Colorado’s Center for Urban Education pre-service elementary education teacher program. Truly, this position is a lifetime goal that I thought I had missed. I believe my confidence and presentation made a difference in the interview process.”

*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.


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