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I Got the Whole Package

23 Feb 2015  |  Unicity

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Kylie Pettus originally heard about Unicity’s Transformation in 2013 from her father-in-law, but at that time she wasn’t concerned about her weight or cholesterol levels. She didn’t start to consider the program until after her first pregnancy.

“As I learned about what Transformation could do for people and their health, I naturally thought of my family members who struggled with their weight and other issues,” Kylie said. “My grandmother, grandfather, uncle and other family members signed up for Transformation.  Their results were incredible and we were so excited for them, but my husband Danny and I never really thought about Transformation for us until I got pregnant and gained so much baby weight.”

After her son’s birth, Kylie began to feel insecure about the weight gain she experienced both before and during her pregnancy. She wasn’t confident in her own clothes, and looked for ways to cover up.

“Before I got pregnant I had gained some weight and was bigger than I’d ever been,” she said. “I gained an additional 25 pounds with my pregnancy, which may not sound like a lot, but put it on a 4’10” tall girl and it looks like a lot more than 25 pounds. I started wearing my husband’s T-shirts and basketball shorts because of how I felt about my body. I was not happy, comfortable, or even confident anymore.”

Although Kylie started Transformation to lose weight, her “before” results for her blood work revealed unexpected results. Kylie saw that despite her young age, her cholesterol and blood sugar were both high.

“At my young age I was under the impression that I was in excellent health and that I had nothing to worry about, but my world turned upside down when my blood work results showed that I had high cholesterol and was within the pre-diabetic range. I finally realized how much I needed Transformation. It wasn’t about losing weight, it was about combating these issues so I wouldn’t face them in future years.”

Kylie’s lifestyle changed dramatically during Transformation. In addition to being a wife and mother to a six-week-old son, attending school full-time, and working part-time, Kylie began to wake up early to work out. She also began to eat more nutritious foods.

“I use to sleep in on a daily basis and felt as though I was dragging through my day with little energy,” Kylie said. “Now I wake up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and I feel more energy and I am more productive throughout the day. My school work gets done, my house is kept clean and organized, and I take my son on walks outside. I enjoy my day-to-day life and feel that I live it to the fullest.”

By the end of Transformation, Kylie lost 24.3 pounds, but even more importantly, she lowered her blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

“Even more important than what happened to my weight and size was my final blood work results,” she said. “It is simply amazing what can be accomplished when you work hard and adhere to your coach’s counsel. I got the whole package, I look great, I feel great, and I got my health and confidence back.”


*These results are not typical.  Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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