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The Journey’s Still Worth It

22 Sep 2014  |  Unicity

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Larry Newcomer was a regular at the gym for 20 years, but that all changed with a life altering event. During the year that Larry could not work out, he lost momentum and began to gain weight. At age 64 he didn’t know how to get back into shape, and Larry believed that he would be overweight the rest of his life.

“Generally, I would couple gym time with diet programs, but after a while I’d gain back all the weight I’d lost,” Larry said. “I’d more or less consigned myself to being 40-50 pounds overweight because I would not exercise the discipline to consistently eat right. But all that ended on March 30, 2014.”

Both Larry and his wife committed to do Unicity’s Transformation program. As they changed the foods they ate, the couple began to witness the positive effects of healthy living.

“We altered our diets, learned to eat without snacking between meals, came to understand the proper balance of macronutrients (fat, net carbs, and protein), and we also learned a great deal about nutrient dense foods,” Larry said. “By using the three Unicity core products to supplement healthy eating, we now understand (and practice) keeping insulin at low levels by not snacking between meals.”

Joining Transformation changed Larry. He not only lost 26 pounds, but he also gained back his energy and enthusiasm for life.

“I have been transformed both inside and out,” Larry said. “I am physically fit and healthy, and mentally, I’ve no longer consigned myself to poor health. Now I look forward to being energetic for the golden years of my life.”

Larry is quick to recommend Transformation to other people. He is confident that others can see positive changes through the program.

“For anyone considering Transformation, you owe it to yourself to invest in your well-being,” he said. “Unicity’s website says, ‘The best time to have reached your prime is ten years ago. The second best time is now.’ I know for myself that the journey is worth it at every stage.”

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