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Newfound Strength and Confidence

25 Aug 2014  |  jcheesman

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Matt Schultz was in a complicated and discouraging situation. Despite playing sports for years, he felt like he wasn’t living up to his full potential. “Looking at my life through my eyes, I felt like I was failing,” he said. “Although he was initially unsure about the Transformation program, Matt felt like he could trust the products and testimonials others gave about the program.

“I agreed to attend a Unicity Transformation Seminar, and I have to admit that I was very skeptical,” Matt said. “I had already tried just about every diet out there, but as I attended the meeting, I was impressed on several levels. The science of the products made sense to me, and the people were passionate about the program. They all had something I wanted, and I was willing to give it a try, no matter the sacrifice it required of me.”

With expensive bills to take care of, Matt started by just using Unicity’s products without a coach. He exercised by walking and doing strength training at the gym every other day. Matt began to lose weight and felt an emotional boost with his progress. Despite the decreased activity, Matt continued to lose weight with Unicity’s products.

“In just my first month of using Unicity’s products and living the Unicity lifestyle, I had lost 28 pounds,” he said. “This was even more surprising considering my exercise restrictions. I was seeing different doctors and they all said, ‘keep doing what you’re doing!’”

Later, Matt officially joined the Transformation program by adding a coach to his lifestyle changes, and he began to share Unicity with others. He even asked his daughter to set up a private Facebook page so others could share their own experiences, successes, failures, and recipes. Between all the participates on the page, they have lost hundreds of pounds.

Matt is happy with the improvements he has seen with his own health and attitude, and he is still amazed by how much his body has changed. He is now doing things he couldn’t imagine doing a year ago.

“One day I was out walking, and suddenly I felt like running, so I did,” he said. “What a feeling! There I was, still feeling like I was this 430 pound fat boy in my mind (even though I was down to 255 pounds at that point), and I was running comfortably! I was just beginning to comprehend the magnitude of the changes I had made in my life.”

From there, Matt began to see more and more that because of Transformation, he was a new man. He had more energy, he could buy clothes off the rack again, and he actually found himself looking forward to each new day. During the program, Matt ran into his share of challenges, but he committed to living the Unicity lifestyle, even after his 13-weeks finished.

“I have lost 66 pounds and I’ve even registered to run a half marathon in September,” Matt said. “There have been so many positive changes in my life that it is difficult for me to express them all. For the first time in my life I feel like I am in control of my life. I have newly found feelings of strength and confidence in myself and my ability to make healthy choices.”

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