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Finally Feeling Better

5 Dec 2014  |  Unicity

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Growing up, Mike Gubler was fit and active, and he even excelled on his high school weightlifting team. In his thirties, Mike regularly worked out at the gym, but his diet did not match his level of activity.

“My nutrition was horrible,” he said. “My idea of healthy eating was to eat a hamburger and soda and leave the fries!”

Mike frequented the gym for years, but he lost interest after his teenage son tragically died in a car accident in 2003.

“My life was turned upside down when my 17-year-old son was killed. Part of me died that morning with my son,” he said. “Work became more difficult and I lost business clients. I would go to the gym to workout but I soon lost interest.”

One evening Mike walked away from the gym and did not return for years. His ten years of lifting and building muscles turned into fat. He said, “I became the short fat guy instead of the physically fit guy.”

Earlier this year, Mike’s wife Tanna completed Unicity’s Transformation, and after seeing her amazing results, Mike decided he should sign up for Transformation as well. While on the program, Mike learned how to eat nutritiously, and with Unicity’s products and exercise lost 15 pounds.

“Transformation has been amazing,” Mike said. “I have gained strength and stamina and I’m eating healthy foods. Work is easier and I have more energy to spend time with my family. I’m thankful for my coach who helped me understand nutrition and its benefits. Thank you Unicity for filling a desperate need for me to feel better!”

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