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Losing the ‘Buddha Belly”

2 Sep 2014  |  jcheesman

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Patrick Hood wanted to lose what he referred to as his “Buddha belly.” Despite working out regularly, he just couldn’t seem to get rid of his belly fat. He was at a loss for how to slim down.

“Even though I regularly had been going to the gym several times a week as well as refereeing high school and men’s soccer games on a regular basis, my waistline was not getting any smaller,” Patrick said. “In fact, my stomach was expanding. I was on the verge of heading out to shop for larger pants.”

Patrick decided to sign up for Unicity’s Transformation program to help him lose weight. He realized that he didn’t have anything to lose, especially with Unicity’s Transformation guarantee in place.

“I joined the Transformation Program because of my growing waistline, and also because I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain,” Patrick said. “It was a win-win situation for me because of the Transformation guarantee.”

In Patrick’s first week on Transformation, he was impressed that he lost nine pounds. But going into his second week, he pulled his hamstring when he was upgrading his soccer referee certification.

“I could barely walk, and my doctor informed me that for the next six weeks I was not supposed to do exercise of any kind. I wasn’t even allowed to stretch!” he said. “I felt like I was doomed. I had envisioned myself winning the contest and reaching the prime of my life at age 55. Reluctantly, I stayed off the soccer field and didn’t do any form of exercise for two and a half weeks.”

Patrick continued to follow Unicity’s nutrition guide as well as take Unicity’s Transformation products even though he couldn’t go to the gym. To his amazement, he didn’t gain weight; in fact, he continued to have excellent results with Transformation.

“My waist kept getting smaller, and by the end of the month, I had lost 25 pounds, so I was well on my way to my goal of losing 28-30 pounds,” Patrick said. “I had no need to keep my 36” pants, and I was proud that I could fit into size 32” pants. But after just one week with 32” pants, I realized that even those were too large, so I returned all of them and replaced them with size 31” pants.”

The Transformation program helped Patrick reach a state where he feels fit and healthy. He discovered firsthand the power of Unicity’s products coupled with diet and exercise, and he’s not going back to the lifestyle he had before.

“I no longer have a ‘Buddha belly’ and my physical fitness is in its prime,” Patrick said. “I’m very appreciative of the Transformation program, its products, coaching, as well as new health habits that I have adopted. This program gave me tools that allow me to continue to live life better for the rest of my life!”

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