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13 Weeks Is All It Takes

31 Oct 2013  |  Unicity


13 weeks. That’s all it took to get Richard Madsen’s life back on track. That’s all it took to make his little girl more proud of him than ever. That’s how long it took to reach his prime.

Rewind to March 2008. Richard’s family was gathered at home with their midwife enjoying those first few moments with their angel, Hannah. It didn’t take them very long to realize something was wrong. With hearts pounding, arrangements were made to rush to the hospital. Before Richard could fully grasp the situation, he was headed to Salt Lake City on a life flight plane with his new daughter.

Hannah was only granted one, short week on Earth. In that week Richard realized just how out of shape and overweight he was. He wanted to live life to the fullest. He wanted to hike, wrestle with his sons, be healthy for them. He wanted to take action and he wanted to act now.

After Hannah’s passing, Richard started exercising and dieting; and after several months he saw some results. For the next two years, Richard continued to work hard to get in shape, but still struggled with blood pressure and stubborn belly fat. He started working with trainers, doing everything he could to achieve his weight loss goals. Nothing seemed to work. Richard had plateaued and with this setback, he began to relapse. He gained back everything he had worked so hard to lose and became heavier than he had ever been—approaching 250 pounds.

There he was, overweight and out of shape as his 51st birthday approached, trying to figure out how to get motivated to get in better shape. Then Richard’s good friend, Tod Pettus, contacted him to let him know there was something he needed to try. Tod sent Richard his before and after pictures and his blood work statistics.

“I was completely blown away with what I saw because I had seen him fairly often just a few months ago,” Richard said. “I looked at his pictures and wondered how he had accomplished such a remarkable change in such a short time.”

Because of Tod’s results, Richard immediately knew he wanted to sign up for the Transformation program—but he struggled justifying the cost. But as weeks went by, he was shocked to find he was spending almost $300.00 a month on soda and junk food! Right then and there, the decision was made to join Unicity’s Transformation.

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