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2 mai, 2014 par Unicity


Steve Vaughan is one to reach out and put others first. As a volunteer firefighter and a member of a search and rescue team, Steve has always believed in serving his community.

“I have a saying that, ‘it’s not what you take from the community, but it’s what you give back that makes a difference,’” Steve said. I have been giving back for more than 35 years, and I want to continue to give as much as I can for many years to come.”

But over time Steve put on more and more pounds, and he realized that his body couldn’t complete his volunteer tasks with the ease he used to.

“I had made up my mind that I was too far gone and that it was not worth the effort to try to get back in shape,” he said. “I would keep on eating the wrong foods and just sit in front of the TV eating cookies, candy, ice cream, and anything I could find in the fridge.”

Steve’s turning point came when he saw a friend of his at the store. His friend, Richard Madsen, who had previously been overweight, looked fit and healthy.

“My jaw dropped and I asked him what he was doing to lose all his weight,” Steve said.

Richard told him about his experience with Unicity’s Transformation program, and Steve and his wife decided to sign up for Transformation themselves. Since that decision, they haven’t returned to unhealthy habits.

“Since signing up for Transformation, neither my wife nor I have looked back,” Steve said. “We have only moved forward.”

Steve’s original goal when starting Transformation was to feel like he did in his 30s, but now he jokingly told his coach that he didn’t meet his goal.

“I wanted to feel like I was in my 30ies, but that didn’t happen,” he said. “Instead I feel like I’m in my 20s with all the energy and stamina I had then.”

His Transformation has put Steve in a better position to give back and help others.

“I used to be on of the last men up the mountain, and now I am now of the first,” he said.

Steve and his wife plan to continue living the principles they learned on Transformation.

“With a renewed focus on the importance of my nutrition and exercise, I have a brand new lease on life,” Steve said. “I know that with the Lord’s help and with the love and support I my wife I will remain very committed on this life journey, and I’m also committed to supporting her as she continues on her Unicity program and goals.”



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