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Saying ‘I Can’ Again

27 Mar 2014  |  Unicity

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Tom was a firefighter who loved his job, and he was good at his job. But his life changed when Tom broke his back and discovered that even walking was painful, and returning to firefighting was out of the question.

“At that point in my life, I knew I’d never return to my dream job, and I began to give up on life and hope,” Tom said.

Pain and disabilities prevented Tom from taking care of his body the way he used to, and he found himself overweight. At one medical appointment, Tom’s doctor told him that if he continued with his current unhealthy lifestyle, he would be in a wheelchair in five years. That comment triggered the desire to make drastic changes.

“I told myself that day that I would not end up in a wheelchair, and I would never except the word ‘limitations,’” Tom said. “It may take me longer now to do things, but I told myself that I can still do them, and that I would not let my disability put walls around my life.”

One of Tom’s family members told him about Unicity’s Transformation program, and he readily took on the opportunity to make changes, and even lost 24 pounds in his first month on the program.

“As the fiber in the products was helping me eat smaller portions and my weight started to drop, my depression started to lift and I words like ‘I can’ started to come back into my vocabulary,” he said.

Tom’s Transformation coach met him at a level that both challenged him, yet worked with his physical restrictions.

“Cam was very understanding and said ‘we’ll go at your pace,’” Tom said. “Every week coach Cam called on time and I looked forward to our sessions. After hearing so much negative feedback in the past year, it was nice to talk to someone positive for a change.”

The Transformation changed not only Tom’s eating habits, but it also helped his entire family. Tom said they only eat off the Transformation food list and that their fridge is full of healthy food.

In his 13-weeks program, Tom lost 53 pounds, lost 4.5 inches off his neck, and 10 inches off his waist. He has renewed hope in his life and is working toward a new dream: aerial firefighting.

“Thanks to the Transformation program and Cam’s coaching, I will get back to fighting fires, but this time from the sky,” Tom said.

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