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Bringing Balance Back into Her Life

21 Mar 2014  |  Unicity

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Although Torey Arnold had always been an exercise and fitness enthusiast, she came to a point in her life where she couldn’t keep of weight.

“Around the age of 35 I started to notice a shift where all of a sudden it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a standard of size and weight that I was satisfied with,” Torey said. “I was really frustrated because no matter how hard I worked, my efforts just didn’t seem to be paying off.”

Last summer, Torey looked at herself and realized that she was 15 pounds heavier than she wanted to be, and she started to look for a program that would help her get back into a fit lifestyle.

“I was disappointed in myself and I felt discouraged,” she said. “I felt like a fraud because I was no longer living a lifestyle I had preached for so long.”

But one day a coworker told Torey about the success she had experienced with Unicity’s Transformation program, and Torey knew she’d found something that would work for her. Despite taking care of her family and working full-time, Torey committed to living the principles attached with the Transformation program because she knew that doing so would yield results.

“I knew this program had something different because the results were unlike anything else I had ever seen or experienced,” she said.

During Transformation, Torey realized the the food tracking and other tools were not implemented as quick fixes, but rather to help her throughout her life.

“My ‘aha’ moment came when I realized that tracking during my Transformation was an educational tool for me and a way for my coach to analyze and critique my progress, and not necessary for long term success with the program,” Torey said. “It truly was a lifestyle change and once I understood that and had mastered the 4-4-12 as well as the types of foods, recording that information became irrelevant. That was such a relief to me because it made the possibility that your results could be permanent a reality for me.

The Transformation has changed Torey’s life for the better. For her, the future has never looked so good.

“What this program has done for me personally is enable me to take back control of not only my physical health but also my overall sense of well-being and balance,” she said. “I’ve been able to reconnect with myself and prioritize so that the things that were present before ‘adult responsibilities’ came along are still able to have their due time and attention in my life now. This has forever changed my life.”

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